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Kiss of the boomerang

And what I'm learning about ME is that I show up. I really show up in my life and my work and my relationships MOST of the time. And then, when I can't show up, what I've built, shows up for me. So today, I'm giving myself kudos for that, instead of tearing myself down or feeling bad about a life & business on-hold and all the perceived collateral damage inherent in that. Today, I give thanks for connections made and carried and for the kiss of the boomerang traveled home.<< MORE >>


I doubt falter flounder fall. << MORE >>

Souls Aloft Radio: February Guided Meditation

For your listening pleasure... my latest Souls Aloft Radio Episode which includes a new aspect of my show... a guided visualization written and delivered by ME. << MORE >>

An Unpleasant Stretch of Road

So the bit of road I'm traveling at the moment is a rutted, bumpy mess, but I'm still moving forward. I know that the condition of the current stretch of road WILL shift, because that is the way with roads. << MORE >>

Walking The Labyrinth...Walking My Gifts

Suddenly, I had the strong urge to take the token gifts out of the bag and hold them in my hands. And it clicked. These are a representation of my gifts… and I am walking them back out into the world. I felt confidant, supported and at ease. It was a strong and powerful metaphor, and I got chills up my spine. Good chills! You see, I've been in a place lately of questioning how best to bring my work to clients. Questioning how best to package… present… market… highlight… offer. Better said, I've been worrying about how to bring clients to my work. << MORE >>

Pausing At The Threshold

I hope to be real instead of right, mighty over impervious in awe without overwhelm and besotted in full. << MORE >>

Souls Aloft Radio: Fairytales, Myths & Stories with Jenn Poniatowski

I'm excited to bring you the first ever broadcast of Souls Aloft Radio with Suzanne Wigginton. A show, not because I have the answers, but because I value deep conversation around the questions. Join me and my awesome guests as we engage in soulful exploration! << MORE >>

Introducing Souls Aloft Radio with Suzanne Wigginton

The Souls Aloft radio show has been created not because I have The Answers, but because I value deep conversation around the questions. I will be pairing fun and exciting guests with soulful topics for discussion. We will have our topic and some direction to go with it, yet we will hold this direction loosely to allow for the insights and inspiration that result from the magic of the flow of a great meandering conversation. It is my hope and belief that as a listener, you can tune in and claim a little of that magic as your own, or at least be engaged with your own ideas, thoughts and feelings on our topics. << MORE >>

Scorekeeping and the Now Piece

from this place of armament my soul lay to waste withering between alive and dead locked in a straitjacket of integrity << MORE >>

Exhaust (a spiral dance)

when hungry whispers collide clamoring for definition their call for clear intention feels like a taunt, and with a desperate bid for order honesty muddies into manipulation a well-seasoned skill underscores that there is yet an "I" who can not be trusted.<< MORE >>

A Trajectory...

The shift out of fear and into curiosity begets animation from neutrality...Liberated from a canvas, Spirit can nurture new mediums through me...An ever evolving installation of magic, elegance and revery, LIFE itself becomes prayer in motion. << MORE >>

Dreamwork and the Magic of Sharing...

I awoke today with a hazy sense of a full night of active dreaming. Because I had ignored all of the dream recall tips I offer in my Introduction To Dreamwork classes, only a strange snippet of the story remained. Even so, this snippet – this dangling thread – stayed with me, tickling my consciousness yet revealing nothing. << MORE >>

The Good Life

You called to me with that beautiful song, and I declined: too busy, too achy, too me. << MORE >>

All Avenues

tip toe whisper blend ...nothing stomp rant tantrum ...nothing << MORE >>

An Inner Conversation

-- tap tap tap -- who's there? -- tap tap tap -- what do you want? << MORE >>

The Reminder-ers

... twinkling perforations dazzle a dark summer sky tinkering with perceptual reality niggling at complacent tendencies oh, mischievous Reminder Beings << MORE >>

What have I been up to? It's a Puzzler...

This puzzle and I spent a lot of time together that afternoon and in the days since. It told me a story, that I'd like to share with you. These pieces of wood spoke to me about how we all have ongoing puzzles to solve in our lives. Sometimes they are the smaller, less weighty puzzling matters and other times they are our big-picture-personal-conundrums we are striving to solve. << MORE >>

Going With The Flow: not as passive as it sounds

It's said that the only control we have is in how we respond to the events in our lives. I wholeheartedly agree and yet, as evidenced by my recurring over-emotional reactions, some part of me has not deciphered how to "live" the positive potentiality of this belief. Then, this morning, a new perspective on old information emerged with the help of this quote.<< MORE >>

Knowledge vs. Knowing and which leads to Living

Life is fluid, alive and moving, not a static moment of knowing. The answers aren't all here (in the physical world) or all there (in the etheric realms). Life is false starts, adjustments, new perspectives, challenges, successes and failures. These are the ingredients for knowledge not knowing, for living not hedging. << MORE >>

Time For You - Audio Tidbit - At the Bottom

For when you're struggling, in a dark time and/or at your wits end, I've created this 5-minute recording to offer a useful exercise infused with understanding and encoded with helpful, supportive energy.<< MORE >>

Visit Suzanne at her full website!

Suzanne Wigginton works from her healing arts studio in Phoenix, Arizona offering hypnotherapy, soul coaching, presence based bodywork and shamanic soul care sessions!

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